Malvan - The Land of Warriors

With a long picturesque coastline and beaches extending from Achare in the north to the little peninsular of Devbag in the southern end Malvan is blessed with some of the best beaches in Maharashtra. There are also some exotic islands off the coast here. The Nivati rocks is one of the beautiful rocky island here apart from the lighthouse island with a beautiful beach. Dolphin point is a spot where you wont spot a dolphin only if you are extremely unlucky!!

Sindhudurg Fort
There is lots to see in and around Malvan. The Sindhudurg fort built on the Kurte Island on over 44 acers of land in Malvan also a snorkeling site is the primary attraction in Malvan apart from the beaches. The stone inscriptions, bastions and the citadels of this fort would definitely transport you to a different land and time altogether. Descendands of Shivaji's era still inhabit this fort and carry forward the traditions of yore to this day.

Malvan Rockgardens
Just Behind the Malvan Police Station, half Kilometer away from Malvan jetty near the Arase Mahal is the Malvan Rock Gardens. This beautifuly manicured garden is located just by the sea overlooking the Chivla beach.

Malvani Cuisines
Apart from all the sightseeing the food in Malvan is the star attraction of Malvan.

Sindhudurg Fort - Malvan
Dandi Beach - Malvan
Rock Garden - Malvan
Rosary Church - Malvan
Kunkeshwar Temple - Devgad - Malvan
Chivala Beach - Malvan
Water Sports in Tarkarli
SCUBA Diving in Tarkarli
SCUBA Diving in Tarkarli
Water Sports in Tarkarli
Water Sports in Tarkarli
SCUBA Diving in Tarkarli
Commercial Dives
There are two options of dives that is available for S.C.U.B.A Diving in Tarkarli, Malvan. The first option is the commercial dive where in the diver carries a tube connected to the oxygen source which is placed on a boat near the dive site. This type of dives is termed as commercial dive and is ideal for quick peek underwater
SCUBA Diving in Tarkarli
Cylinder Dives
The second option of S.C.U.B.A. Diving in Tarkarli is the cylinder dive. Evident from its name in this type of S.C.U.B.A diving the diver carries an oxygen cylinder along with him. Cylinder dives offer much more freedom to the diver and also helps the diver to achieve greater depths and cover more points than commercial dives.
SCUBA Diving in Tarkarli
Sindhudurg fort and its vicinity with abundant coral reeves was identified by M.T.D.C as a snorkeling site in early 2000's and since then Tarkarli and Malvan has been elevated as unique beach destination which offered a small window to the under water marine life. Snorkeling in Tarkarli is much cheaper than SCUBA Diving in Tarkarli
SCUBA Diving in Tarkarli
Water Sports
Tarkarli is now the most sought after destination for water sports in Maharashtra in the entire Konkan stretch. Tsunami island off the coast of Devbaug nnear the 'sangam point' is the hub of water sports in Tarkarli. All the exciting water sports options including parasailing in the sea is available at the Tsunami island..
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